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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve

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Well, as I write this it is already Christmas Eve (12:17 am, actually), so I thought I would give everyone an update on things.
1. Sophie's dentist appointment went very well and she is doing great!
2. Everything that was promised to be shipped for Christmas was shipped, however, at least 2 of the packages that I mailed Express last week didn't make it their scheduled destinations on time, which leaves me worried about all the packages that were mailed Priority. So I will just apologize in advance to anyone that doesn't receive their Hero On My Arm bag in time for Christmas. I will be thinking hard over the holiday of someway to make it up to you (and hopefully everything will arrive this morning and all will be well, and my worrying will all have been for nothing....I hope!!!)
3. That being said, I am going to go ahead and "close" unofficially for the Christmas holiday as of this morning and through January 7th. I'll sign back in on that Monday, and answer any emails and process any new orders starting on the 7th.
4. I just got finished with our three day set up at the Clear Creek PX here at Ft. Hood, and I have to say that while I am exhausted, I had SO much fun. I always enjoy getting out and actually meeting and talking with our customers. So thank you to everyone for being so nice, and I can't wait to make this next batch of Hero On My Arm bags for everyone here at Ft. Hood. If they'll let us set up again just for the weekend, we'll be back again in January or February, but I have to check on that still.
5. I have already gotten quite a few emails about one particular bag that we had on display at the PX, so I am going to update my website with it ASAP, so that everyone can order their own.
6. And lastly, Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope you have a wonderful holiday surrounded by family and friends.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Things

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This diaper bag turned out just great, with the front pockets on the flap, not sure why we haven't even done this style before! (Well, we have- the Sophie Diaper Bag- but that was with ACU fabric, not an actual uniform). I'll be adding this as an extra style on the site after Christmas- it does require the pants as well as a shirt to make.
And I hate to even post this one, because I am just horrible at taking pictures and this one is no exception, but I've had lots of requests for a picture of the ACU wallet, so here it is. (Soon to be replaced with a better picture, I promise). The wallets have a snap to close, a place for cash, a zipper pocket for change and misc. stuff and 4 CC/ID slots.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


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Okay, I am back from our trip! Here are some updates for you:
1. If you have ordered a purse and told us that you needed it for Christmas, it will be shipped by December 20th, I PROMISE.
2. That being said, I should also let everyone know that Sophie has a dentist appointment on the 20th that will require sedation- so I will NOT be working that day. That means my phone will be off (sorry, kiddos come first)!
3. We will be at the Clear Creek PX on Ft. Hood (in the front, right outside the flower shop) December 21 and 22 from 9 am to 8 pm, and December 23 from 9 am to 5 pm. We will have some purses, burp cloths, tees, and shopping cart covers. We will also be taking orders! Its not too late to give (or get) a Hero On My Arm Handbag for Christmas- you can purchase from us there and we'll give you a special holiday order form that you can give as a gift that will allow the recipient to customize their own bag.
4. And lastly, some random pictures for you all, since I'm terrible at this blogging thing, and tend to let them pile up without posting them, sorry...

A USMC diaper bag:

So cute, medium bag with picture pocket:

A puppy carrying purse (special order):

And the kid's backpack:

More pics soon- Tues and Thursday will be BIG shipping days.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Communication problems here in L.A.

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The L.A. being Lower Alabama. Oh, my goodness, this place is like a black hole for electronic devices and signals. The GPS doesn't work here. The navigation system in the car doesn't work here. My iphone doesn't work here. The Wi-Fi doesn't work here. So if anybody is trying to call me, I'll return your call when we return to civilization. (I am still checking email at least once a day though).

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Working Vacation???

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We are leaving in the morning for what I have been calling a "vacation", but really it will be all work and no play. We have to meet with our builder, go land shopping, tour possible schools for the girls, and find a new gym for Sydney, among other things. I am taking two huge bins full of uniforms to work on as well. For now, we are still accepting orders for Christmas, and I hope to be able to do so up until December 15th. Even if you are local (the Ft. Hood area), if you'd like to place an order for Christmas, please go ahead and do so through the website and mail us your uniform. Our mailing address is:
Polka dot Door Boutique
PO BOX 2934
Harker Heights, Texas 76548
We will be at the Clear Creek PX December 21st - 23rd, so if you need to pick up your completed bag instead of having it mailed back to you, you can pick it up then and I'll refund your return shipping charges.
For everyone not local, place your orders and get your uniforms in the mail ASAP!

Meet Kelley!

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Kelley is the newest member of our Hero On My Arm team. She is an Army spouse, mother of two, and her husband is an Army Chaplain here at Ft. Hood. In addition to being an excellent seamstress, Kelley is also a high school Algebra teacher and is currently working on her Masters degree in Education.
Kelley is a BIG reason we are still accepting orders for Christmas- she is a great lady and we are so happy to have her working with us!!!
She can be reached at kelley@polkadotdoorboutique.com