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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Short Hiatus...

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Starting today and until November 1st, the Hero On My Arm blog will be "informally" closed in order to catch up on all existing orders as well as to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. We are very sorry for any inconvenience, and can't wait to get back to blogging as usual.

Thanks so much for understanding!

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Styles for Fall

We promised one more new style this week, how about 3?

First, a very functional wristlet with detachable key chain:

Second, another variation on the CLAUDIA bag, a bit larger, with fabric accents, Velcro closure and personalization:

And finally, a drawstring bag, again with fabric accents, room for a unit patch or or one of our many patches. This one is for the kiddos, but also works if you are one of those ladies that just likes a smaller bag:

Okay, that's enough for one week (I hope!). All of these styles will make it onto the website in October.

Seneca will be OUT of the office for the next 2 weeks (until October 6th), but orders will continue to be processed and shipped as normal.

Once again, have a great weekend all!

Pictures, Including Some Sneak Peaks for Fall...

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This is actually a bag they sell at clothing and sales- a customer sent it to us to pink-ify! We added hot pink handles, trim around all the pockets, hot pink name name tape and Army Wife ribbon. So if you have a special request, just ask, chances are, we can make something happen:

This is picture of where it all happens- our new sewing studio. It is a heavenly 210 square feet, with another 200 square feet of storage. Hero On My Arm could not be happier to finally be "home"!

And a few sneak peaks for fall to say thank you for reading the blog. You'll see all the styles at our upcoming shows in 2008. This first bag is based on our CLAUDIA bag, but its larger and with a Velcro flap. Kelley suggested the embroidery on the flap, and we think it turned out great:

This bag came about from the desire to create a bag, similar to the MARGARET style, but one that was specifically designed for the ACU. (Sorry I was in a rush to get this one in the mail, I didn't really frame the picture well, hence the paper towels in the background, lol!)

And this isn't really something new, the small ABIGAIL with fabric accents, but its become the most popular style, so we'd like to reassure everyone that we'll have LOTS of them available for fall and Christmas:

One more FABULOUS new bag style coming in a day or two, you will LOVE it!!

Have a great weekend everyone...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Behind the Scenes and Local Events...

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So it may not look like there is a lot going on at Hero On My Arm...but trust me, there is! We are VERY busy preparing for the upcoming holiday season, but alas, that leaves us little time to blog....

We have updated the list of local events:


If you are in the Fort Hood area, you will have LOTS of opportunities to see us, our purses and meet some of our fantastic new sales reps!