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Monday, August 18, 2008

Back Open for Business

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Just stopping in to say "Hi!" and let everyone know that we are officially moved in to the new design studio and open for business.

The rest of August will be extremely busy just completing orders, so we'll be posting lots of new pictures, and stay tuned for some exciting new things in September!

It's good to be back!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Order Updates

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In preparation for our move at the end of the week, I spent today going through all of our outstanding orders, since I will be taking a week off to get everything settled in the new house and new design studio. While I will be taking a week off, none of the other seamstresses will, so orders will continue to be processed as usual. Everyone on the lists below is getting an email this evening with a more detailed update on your order.
Also, even though we are moving, our business address (where you send the uniforms) has NOT changed. It is:

Polka dot Door Boutique
PO BOX 310044
Enterprise, Alabama 36331

Okay, now for the orders:
We are waiting on uniforms from the following customers:
Rosa G, Stacy B, Susan I and Heather H

The following people have accessory only orders which will be mailed next week:
Cherie K, Jack R (2 items), Kelli H, Nicole N, Latrice M, Melissa M, and Elizabeth H

The following people's orders are back from the seamstress, and will be mailed next week:
Jessica N, Kathleen S, Kelley E, Sarah A, Jill M, Erin S, Vanessa R (shipping 8/11) Rachel P, Debby J, Katie B, Nicole P, Audra R, Jessica Y, Susan L, Justin W, Erin D, Stacy B, Robert F, Amanda M, Toni D, Pam M and Nakita S

And lastly, the following people's orders are at the seamstress now, or will be next week:
Linda J, Jessica H, Typhani R, Rachel H, Brittany J, Cassandra T (3 purses), Ayako S, Simona T, Bobbie O, Samantha B, Robert E, Tyler W, Anne B, Christopher C, Constance S, Nickalus S (2 purses), Kristina B, Katie G, Sheila A, Rachel W, Carrie J, Elizabeth D, Roselyn C, Amy P, Lynn H, Jessica G, Kelley W, Toni M, Donald L, Chester H, Amanda H and Rachel E.

Okay, that should be everyone!
We will offically "reopen" August 15th, so check back with us then for updates.