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Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Key Chain Super Sale

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So in order to prepare for our big move at the end of the summer we talked about here, we're launching our BIGGEST SALE EVER !!!

Here's how it works:

For every key chain you purchase-
between now and August 31st, we'll send you an electronic coupon code for $10 off any purchase of $100 or more starting September 1st. The code can only be used once, and you can keep it to use yourself, or you can even give it as a gift! You can only use one coupon code per purchase, but you will get a coupon for every key chain you purchase. So if you buy 10 key chains- you'll get 10 coupons. Keep one, and give 9 away as gifts! We'll email you your coupon code(s) on September 1st.

During our 3 month key chain sale, we're hoping to sell 10,000 key chains! (yeah, yeah, we know that's a lot, we're up for it!!!) Help us by spreading the word about this great event!!! If you haven't already, be sure to like us on facebook-


and follow us on Twitter-


We'll be posting updates on there of our progress toward the 10,000 key chain goal!!! We'll also be giving away some great prizes at each 1,000 increment we reach.

We can't help it, we like to dream big!!!

And here's the best part...if we reach our 10,000 key chain goal, instead of a $10 coupon, we'll email everyone a $20 coupon code instead!

Coupons will be valid for any purchase of $100 or more on www.HeroOnMyArm.com and won't expire for one year.

So be sure to purchase a key chain (or two or ten!) during our great summer event, and then be sure to spread the word about this great sale to everyone you know- you'll be helping us reach our 10,000 key chain goal and you'll be helping to double your $10 coupon gift to a $20 coupon gift.

And now a little bit about the key chains...

Key chains are perfect for everyone!!! We have regular key chains:


And wristlet ones:

And even fashion fabric ones!!!


You can embroider on both sides of the key chains, and choose any font and any color. You can also choose between circle and heart shaped key rings. They are available in all the current camo patterns:
Desert and Woodland MARPAT

and also in several solid colors:

Key chains make great gifts for guys and girls, parents, grandparents, friends and family!!!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Very Big Announcement

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Hello All!

This is Seneca, owner and founded of Hero On My Arm here. I've got some news to share with you all. After almost 18 years of honorable military service, my husband is being medically retired this summer. This will be a big change for our family. We're currently stationed at Fort Rucker, Alabama, however this is not home for us, so a big move lies ahead. We are currently selling our house here in Alabama (anybody know anyone looking for a house? I've got a great place to show you, lol!), and after its sold, we'll be moving to Oklahoma.

So what does this mean for Hero On My Arm? Only good things!!! Currently, we are still open, taking new orders and will continue to stay open as we prepare to move. We're already talking with contractors about prepping our new studio in Oklahoma so that when we do move, we'll be able to move right in and get started. When its actually time to move, the girls at the studio here in Alabama will continue to stay open and finish up any orders we've received up to that point. We'll have to close up shop temporarily (probably about 2 weeks) for the actual move and to set up the studio and train the new staff. As soon as we know exactly when that will be, we'll let you all know!

I'm very excited to be making this very last move with Hero On My Arm. As an active duty family, we've had to PCS with the business before, so this is nothing new for us, however we are so excited to finally be able to give Hero On My Arm a permanent home. We'll be able to do a lot of things we've only been dreaming about over the last 8 years because we were at the mercy of the "needs of the Army".

Thank you all for 8 wonderful years so far, and many, many more to come!!!!

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