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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Response Times

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This is just a friendly note to let anyone that has emailed me know, I do answer all of my emails, but usually just once a day, and that's at night after the girls have gone to bed.  Occasionally, after getting Sophie to sleep, sometimes I fall asleep too!  So it is possible sometimes that it may take me until the second day to reply to your email.  Please understand and be kind.  Thank you!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Comparing Sizes

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Right before we moved Kelley and I were sewing overtime finishing orders, and one of the pluses of having so many orders get finished at all about the same time was that I was finally about to line up all three sizes of the Abigail bag together. So if you are stuck deciding which size you might need, hope this helps!

More Purse Styles Coming Soon

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I've been inspired by the changing the seasons, and I can't wait to introduce some new bag styles for spring and summer. This one is just a sneak peak at what's coming.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Meet Lucy and Sarah

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We have two new bags up on the website, the LUCY bag:And the SARAH Bag:

The Lucy is our Hero On My Arm bag made from Pants instead of a Top, so if you sent us a top for a purse and were wondering what to do with the pants...the LUCY is your answer!!!

And the SARAH bag is the one I'm currently carrying (and Kelley, too!) We love the HOBO style. This is reversible if you don't get a snap or zipper put in, and to add a little extra, we've given you the option of having the inside of the purse straps lined with fabric. This one has room for a patch and name tape on each side, but also solves the problem for you ladies that felt awkward about displaying your husband's rank on your purse, since there isn't a spot to put it. (Unless you want to, of coarse, they you can always make it fit!)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What a Month!

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I absolutely can't believe its been an entire month since I've posted.  It has been very hectic.  We sold our house, had less than 30 days to close, and moved halfway across the country just for starters.  I have been working very hard at getting everything caught up and I am confident that in just two more weeks or so, everything will be back on schedule.  The very last bag orders that we took at the Ft. Hood PX are getting finished this week, I have a few non-purse orders to mail out, and a few dozen make up bags, wallets and checkbook covers to finally get finished and to their respective owners.  Once all that's done, we'll be rolling out our sales rep program, new spring designs, and a few products as well.  We are also still growing our production team, its my sincere goal to get turnaround times down to 3 weeks or less my March.  If you are a seamstress in the Enterprise/Ft. Rucker/Dothan area interested in joining our team, please let me know!  And to everyone else, we do have a new mailing address for uniforms, it's:
Polka dot Door Boutique
PO BOX 310044
Enterprise, Alabama 36331
Talk to you again in a few weeks!!!