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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Be Our Friend/Fan/Follower...You get free stuff!

Congratulations to our May Hero On My Arm contest winners!

The Army Wife Network poll (What is your favorite Hero On My Arm purse style?) result was:

the Abigail, with 48% of the votes!

Our entries for a free Abigail bag were:

1. JazzerGyrl

2. Nttjcook

3. FlyAArmy

4. Wayfunmommy

5. Proudwifey

6. Mamacita

7. Kristin/Pround USMC Mama

8. She's Unstoppable, unpredictable

9. 11 months down/3 months to go

10. Brandi Boyd Bollinger

11. Shelly Vermeylen

12. Amy Marek

13. Lindsay Belsha

14. Billie Freitas

15. Christina Frescas Salazar

16. Janna Nielsen Devore

17. 4-Ever & Allways

And our winner is:

4. WayfunMommy!

We also had a MySpace Comment contest running, our entries were:

1. SPC. Dutton's Wifey
2. PIA
3. Chloe
4. Kudos For Kiddo
5. Heather
6. Fontaine
7. Loke Times Infinity
8. Mrs. Stefan
9. Rachel
10. Live, Laugh and Love
11. krystine ann
12. Michelle Ma
13. Amos
14. 4'SENUF
15. Whole Again
16. PFC Tiahuel's Wife
17. Mrs. Amanda Huner
18. John & Sarah
19. Jackie
20. Amy
21. Sharon WinGrace
22. Jess
23. She's unstoppable
24. Mr. & Mrs. Nunez
25. Kristin/pround USMC Mama
26. Mamacita
27. 4-Ever & Allways
29. Crystal
30. Haley
31. Geralynn
32. Michelle
33. Denita
34. Mike Stropes Wifey
35. Joshua's Wife

And the winner of a $50 gift certificate is:
3. Chloe!

Anybody reading this that has NO idea what we are talking about, here's how you can stay up to date with all the latest Hero On My Arm information and contests, in 3 easy steps...

Step 1:
Follow us on Twitter- HERE!

(Tweeters get something really cool this month, too!)

Step 2:

"Friend" us on MySpace- HERE!

(There's still another $50 Gift Certificate up for grabs here)

Step 3:

Become a Hero On My Arm Fan on Facebook- HERE!

(Our Facebook Fans also have a great giveaway coming up, you won't want to miss it!)

Okay, well I think we've given away enough free stuff for today- Congrats to our winners!

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