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Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Pictures!

So its been WAY too long since we added pictures to the photo gallery!  Sorry about that.  Visit it here:
And you can see over 350 new bag pictures we just added!

Wonder what the new NWUs look like as a purse?

Or want to see more Margaret bags?

New Jacquelines?

New flight suit bags?

More Coast Guard bags?


Police Uniform bags?

Elizabeth bags?

Bags made with dress uniforms?

Fun fabric bags?

Bags made from things other than uniforms- like school sweatshirts?

School Backpacks?

Hugs bears?

Pretty much, a little bit of everything!  Plus in case you were wondering what JD's diaper bag looks like- here it is:

There won't be another order update this Monday- We are going to start posting them on Fridays, with the next one May 28th.

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