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Saturday, May 29, 2010

2010 Hero On My Arm Sales Representative Information *Updated*

Starting now, May 29th, 2010 Sales Representative Kits are again available for purchase here! The new rep kits will ship starting July 1st. Please read through the following frequently asked questions before contacting us or purchasing a rep kit.

What's in the sales rep kit?
The sales rep kit is $100 and requires one uniform top. If you do not have a top to send in, you may purchase one from us. The sales rep kit includes:
a PDF detailed Sales Rep Training Manual
a picture book with Fabric Swatch Samples, Font Samples and purse options
10 catalogs
20 party invitations
5 Hero On My Arm pens
your own personal email (yourname@heroonmyarm.com)
your own personalized business card template with custom logo
your own personal clickable signature tag
your own personal url for the website (heroonmyarm.com/yourname)
your own personalized PDF order form
your own personalized PDF virtual party invitation
access to the Hero On My Arm Sales Rep Discussion board
your contact information listed on the website
your own custom created Hero On My Arm bag, in your choice of our most popular styles
*Abigail, Caroline, Margaret, or Jacqueline*
checkbook cover
ID/credit card holder

As a sales rep, you also receive 20% of your own personal purchases.

Hey, why did the price go up?
Only because you receive 2 shipments, your starter kit and your custom bag. The kit only went up by the cost of shipping.

What does a sales rep do?
This is what is commonly referred to as direct sales. You act as a salesperson for the company and receive a commission for all of your sales. Unlike other direct sales opportunities there is no down line, no sales quotas, and NO pressure to recruit others. As military spouses the key component to our program is flexibility. Our sales reps work in a variety of ways- hosting in home parties, attending local events, luncheons, craft fairs, partnering with local brick and mortar stores, through social networking, email, online, etc.

How much money can I make?
You earn a percentage of each sale you make. How much you earn directly corelates to how much you work.

What is the starter trunk? Do I have to buy that too?
The starter trunk is available for purchase
here. It is $125 and you do not receive your sales rep discount on this purchase. It is a sampling of our 4 most popular bag styles and a large wallet. You are required to send in the uniforms to create your trunk (3 tops, 2 pants). If you already own one of the bags in the sample trunk, you may substitute another bag style for the one(s) you already own. You are NOT required to purchase the starter trunk, it is merely a helpful selling tool.

What if there is already a sales rep in my area?
Some areas can support more than one sales rep, while others can not. Contact us to learn about other options, like becoming a virtual sales rep.

What are virtual sales reps?
A virtual sales rep is someone without a physical territory (usually because there is already a sales rep in her area). They work mainly online, promoting the business on websites, blogs, message boards, social networking sites, through email and over the phone. They may also from time to time help out other reps at local events, and are at the top of the waiting list should any regular sales reps leave their area.

Why did it take so long?
Some of you have been waiting for several months to hear about the sales rep program, we do understand. But we also wanted to make sure that we are able to set each sales rep up for success and that the program is running smoothly and efficiently, and that takes time. (Oh, and Seneca just had a baby- that took some time, too, lol)

What happens when I purchase a sales rep kit?
After you make your purchase, you'll receive a welcome email from us. In it will be directions for sending in your uniform top and a questionnaire for how you'd like your custom bag created. You mail in your uniform to us. You'll also receive a second email questionnaire that allows us to create all of your personalized items for your rep kit. If you are ordering BEFORE July 1st, you do nothing else but wait (sorry). On July 1st, you'll receive a shipping confirmation for your rep kit. If you order after July 1st, rep kits will ship within 2 weeks of your purchase. In both cases, you will also receive your custom bag 6-8 weeks after we receive your uniform.

If the rep kits aren't available until July 1st, why should I sign up now?
Ordering early lets us get started on your custom Hero On My Arm bag sooner, which means you'll receive it sooner after your rep kit arrives. Also, since we haven't been accepting new sales reps in awhile ordering now gives us a chance to see how many new people will be joining the team and better prepare.

I already emailed you about becoming a sales rep, but didn't receive a reply.
If you haven't received an email from us by Tuesday, June 1st, please send us another email.

What if you didn't answer my question?

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