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Monday, February 2, 2009

Updates for 2009

Hero On My Arm is back open and taking orders again. We have given the website a face lift (hope you like it), but also tried to make ordering even easier. Please let us know if you encounter any problems with the new site. We still have just a few pictures left to upload, and probably a few typos to catch, but we will fix all that in the next day or two.

So what's new? A few things:
- We did discontinue some of our older bag styles, but..
-We also introduced three new ones; LUCY (shown above), MARGARET and a new wristlet/make up bag that we previewed late last year.
-We are switching from the post office to FedEx to ship completed orders.
-We discontinued some of our fabrics.
-We added a new smaller wallet, and double sided key chain.
-And we created a new sub category
PURSE EXTRAS where you can add optional features to your bag, like metal feet, embroidery, pictures pockets, stuff like that. We hope this makes actually ordering your bag easier, as there will be fewer lines to fill out, and you can just visit the extras page and add to your order as needed.

Its great to be back!

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