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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Open Casting Call (Sort of)....

Hero On My Arm is growing....maybe transforming (into something much larger) is a better way to phrase it.  The official launch date for this new venture is

JULY 1, 2009

So this is our "help wanted" ad.  You interested???

Who are we?  We are all military spouses, professionals that have struggled with finding success in the traditional workplace because of frequent moves, our spouse's deployments, less than ideal locations, and being subject to the "needs of the Army" (or the military in general).  We've banned together to create out own success.  Its a wild and crazy adventure, but we wouldn't trade it in for anything.  But...

We feel like there's something missing.  No, we know there's something missing- what's missing is more people just like us!  We know that you are out there, talented, hard working, creative kindred spirits.  Every time we have to contract out a job- a photo shoot, illustration work, catalog design, PR, a web application, a javascript, a new product-we always cringe, thinking, "I wish there was another military spouse that could do this job" or "I know there is, I just wish we could find her".

So here it is, our open casting call.  Tell us who you are, tell us what you do (and what you can do).  Inspire us!

We're looking to add several people to our team in March, so send in your resumes, your portfolios, your product pitches- whatever you got.  You can email them to us directly:


(our website email doesn't like attachments, and they tend to get lost in cyberspace, so use Seneca's direct email)

Or snail mail them to us at:
Polka dot Door Boutique
PO BOX 310044
Enterprise, Alabama 36331

But still send us an email and let us know what you've mailed to us, please!

Please don't contact us just to ask what we are looking for, if you want to see our specific job postings, those are here.   That's not what this casting call is about.  It's about adding to our core team- fellow entrepreneurs, designers, the big idea girls- like minds that dream big and ambitious dreams and are motivated to see them to fruition.  Its also about adding to our retainer of services (PR, web design, photography, e-commerce,  graphic design, legal, etc)- our "go to girls" for contract jobs.

Inspire us, intrigue us, question us, impress us! 

A two sentence email is likely to be responded in kind.  Its a leap of faith- take it!  But do it now- Please reply by MARCH 31st, 2009.

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