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Monday, December 15, 2008

End of the Year Announcements...

As of right now, every order that was promised to be delivered for Christmas will be arriving no later than December 24th!

We've had a few customers inquiring about their orders that they wanted to make sure they received them in time to mail them out to other people as gifts- this was not what we meant when we promised delivery by Christmas- so if you are one of those people, please just email us and let us know where you'd like your orders mailed to- we'll happily ship them to a different address if needed.

As of today, December 15th, Hero On My Arm will be closing for new orders until Feb. 1st  We have a lot of exciting things planned for 2009 that require some time off to make happen (as well as 2008's taxes to do!) and the website will be getting a major makeover as well.  We will still have quite a few pre made bags for sale in the meantime, though!

  Hopefully everyone understands that this is much needed time off and away, and we'll see you in 2009!

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