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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Announcements

two JACQUELINE bags, one with velcro added

A few announcements for this month:

Custom orders in time for Christmas delivery are now CLOSED.  We are not able to accept any more custom orders and have them completed in time for Christmas.

We will have a selection of pre made bags available for purchase on the website later this month.  When they are added, we will make an announcement here on the blog.  You will have the ability to add a bow (and choose its color), and also to add name tapes to these bags.  

The last day to order a pre made bag in time for Christmas depends on the location you are having it shipped to.  Pre made bags will ship the following business day from when they are ordered.  Below is the UPS shipping transit times:

So for example, if you are purchasing a pre made bag and would like it shipped to Fort Hood, Texas, the time in transit is 2 days, so the last day to order would be December 21st (for shipping December 22nd and arrival December 24th).  Please note that not all the transit times "make sense"- the time in transit is 3 days to Alaska, its 5 days to Las Vegas, and 6 days to some more rural areas out west.

We won't have a lot more to report here on the blog for the rest of the year, as we are working overtime completing orders and *trying* to take time to spend with our own families this holiday season as well.  We'll post when we have pre made bags up on the site for sale, and we'll also post lists of completed orders for December as they are shipped.

And lastly, the office is extremely busy this month, please understand if we are slow to respond to emails, we are doing our best to make sure every single order is completed on time, and we will reply to each email, but sometimes it does take a few days.  Thank you for understanding.

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