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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sales Rep Sign Up Cut off for 2010

Because we want to make sure that each person that signs up as Sales Representative for our company is truly set up for success, and gets all the one on one time she needs to get her business up and running, we are going to be closing new rep sign ups one week from today for the remainder of 2010. As the holidays approach, the studio just gets busier and busier, and the hectic pace of November and December, is just too crazy a time to welcome new members to our team.
So if you've talked with us already about becoming a rep, or would like to, please do it now! Sales rep kits can be purchased here. Just email us first to make sure we are accepting new sales reps in your area. The sales rep program is not ending, we will re-open in January for new sales rep sign up.
Thanks so much,
the Hero On My Arm Team


mrsmommee said...

i would so want to become a rep but i would have to wait till the new year to see how the finances are.

Seneca said...

Not a problem, we'll begin a new rep sign up after the holidays!