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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Few Friendly Reminders...

If you don't see your name on the lists we're publishing, just let us know, chances are, I just missed it when I was typing!

If you sent your uniform Parcel Post, understand it can take 2+ weeks to arrive.

Please pay attention to the uniform TYPE that you select when ordering accessories. The uniform types are:

We are getting a lot of orders in where the camo types do not match, and this takes time to double check and can delay your order. Example: Customer places a purse order indicating they will send in their own uniform, and also order several accessories in BDU (name tapes, wallet, checkbook). When the uniform arrives, its an ABU uniform, not a BDU. Please make sure you are using the correct common abbreviation.

You do not need to purchase the USABLE POCKETS option for your bag UNLESS the pockets on the uniform are SEWN SHUT and you'd like them reopened to be able to use them. If the pockets on the uniform you send in are usuable, they will automatically be usable on your bag as well.

Don't forget the lining color, and ribbon color when you order (these are the most commonly left off items). If you choose ribbon ties, you still need to select the size and color ribbon you'd like.

At this time, we simply can NOT accomodate any new RUSH requests. Please do not include them AFTER you order either (i.e. a note with your uniform that you need your bag completed in 3 weeks). We are very sorry, and if we could, we would, but its just impossible at this time!

And lastly, thank you, thank you, thank you, for your patience. We are all working non stop both to answer all your emails and phone calls and on the production side to complete orders as quickly as possible!

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