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Friday, January 15, 2010

The 2010 Sales Rep Information

Here goes!  Please read all the way through, there's lots of info.

The first open sign up for sales reps is January 15th, 2010 through February 1st, 2010.  During this time, anyone that has already contacted us and been approved to become a sales rep may purchase their sales rep kit here.  If you are interested in becoming a sales rep, but haven't spoken to us, just email us to make sure that we are accepting sales reps in your area.  If you purchase a sales rep kit during this time, it will ship the first week of February.

From February 1st, 2010 though the February 28th, 2010, we will NOT be accepting any new sales reps.

Starting March 1st and through October 1st, sales rep kits will be available for purchase on the website, and will ship within 2 weeks of your purchase.

During the holiday season (October through December 31st, 2010) we will again close new rep sign up and no new rep kits will be available until the new year.

Now, let's answer some questions!

What's in the sales rep kit?
The sales rep kit is $90.  It includes:
Sales Rep Training Manual
Fabric Swatch Samples
Keychain Font Samples
20 generic business cards
10 catalogs
25 order forms
20 party invitations

your own personal email (yourname@heroonmyarm.com)
your own personalized business card template with custom logo
your own personal clickable signature tag
your own personal url for the website (heroonmyarm.com/yourname)
access to the Hero On My Arm Sales Rep Discussion board 

1 Hero On My Arm bag (ACU Grace, BDU/DCU Michelle or ABU/NWU/MARPAT Anna bag)
small wristlet
large make up bag
checkbook cover
ID/credit card holder

As a sales rep, you also receive 20% of your own personal purchases.

What is happening during the month of February, when you aren't accepting any new sales reps? (This is important for our current sales reps, too!)
February will be spent working one on one with all of our current and newly signed up sales reps, developing individual business plans, updating items for our current reps (like swatches), and going through each part of the rep program resources, so that they are fully understood and utilized.

What is the starter trunk?  Do I have to buy that too?
The starter trunk is available for purchase here.  It is $100 and you do not receive your sales rep discount on this purchase.  It is a sampling of our 4 most popular bag styles.  You are required to send in the uniforms to create your trunk (3 tops, 2 pants).  If you already own one of the bags in the sample trunk, you may substitute another bag style for the one(s) you already own.  You are NOT required to purchase the starter trunk.  Sample trunks are made available for our sales reps to borrow, however this must done in advance, and most sales reps do find that having their own trunk is the most convenient option.

What if there is already a sales rep in my area?
Some areas can support more than one sales rep, while others can not.  Contact us to learn about other options, like becoming a virtual sales rep.

Why did it take so long?
Some of you have been waiting for several months to hear about the sales rep program for the new year, we do understand.  But we also wanted to make sure that we are able to set each sales rep up for success and that the program is running smoothly and efficiently, and that takes time.

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