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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Minor Changes...

We updated the website today- it is now officially heroonmyarm.com  It used to be polkadotdoorboutique.com (even though typing in heroonmyarm.com would take you there).  This was a long over due change, however if you were on the website today, you may have run into some broken links.  They should all be fixed now.

Our email addresses will no longer be @polkadotdoorboutique.com either.

So both of these:


can just be deleted.
**Slight update- we did get these forwarded, however if you emailed us directly through these email accounts any time Saturday through Sunday morning, you should re-send**

If you would like to contact us by email, we can be reached at:


If you happened to email us today, and didn't hear back, please try resending to the new emails.

The contact us form on the website still works, and didn't have any downtime today.

Clear as mud, yes?

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