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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


All of January and February's orders are being shipped out this week and next!  PLEASE, check your spam folders, because several people have let us know that they didn't receive shipping emails.  We are starting to get confirmation emails of Monday's packages that have already been delivered, so the email system is working!

Please be patient with us, we're trying to reply to everyone's emails as quickly as we can.  If you are emailing to inquire about the status of an order please make sure you include the FULL NAME the order was placed under.  

Also, if you are emailing to inquire about the status of an order, and it has not been 6 weeks since we received your uniform or you placed your order (if it did not require you sending a uniform), please understand that there isn't a lot we can tell you, other than that your order is in production.  We try not to estimate when an order might be completed, because sometimes our guess is wrong, as unexpected things do come up (we just dealt with a problem with our embroidery machine that delayed several orders, and I am sick right now, so probably not moving quite as quickly as usual, lol).

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